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the game is really fun and the controls are great 

bro even months after, I keep coming back to this game to play over and over again

hey. what about your minima a year ago tho?

if only I found this game a year ago when it wasn't dead 


Very cool game! :D


Not the best but I think I did okay

Very epic 👏👏

I know it's not the fastest, but I'm proud of it

I could play this game for hours, and I did! Incredible game


nice game!

Thank you very much! :>

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1:44 o-o

I think that's world record 

Is it a bug that you don't get the midair jump if you don't jump off the ground first? Feels a bit unnatural and caused me to die quite a few times. It would also be nice if you got it back after bouncing off the bouncy platforms.

I also think the game could have used it mechanics more and in combination to make some really cool levels, but I understand that level design is hard enough without a time limit.

Anyway, fun game!


I am impressed with myself




I also have a 2:55 and 2:40


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i got 2:45


2:22! Great game!

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My pb :D

Speedrun (MINIMA) - YouTube


finally got sub 3:00

50 deaths... I usually have more then that for other games.... and a longer time

Ay, I didn't realize you made this game, Icoso, I played it a while back in the BTP game jam, and it was stuck in my head every since. It eventually led to the inspiration of another game I made in a week: It so far has been my most successful game thanks to you!

I miss playing this game. I stopped after getting my sub 2 minute run. Truly one of the greatest games I've played tho.

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room 26 is imossible fr

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Deleted 2 years ago

omg that's quick I had done it in 8:30



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Here it is! You can submit runs to this leaderboard now:

Minima -

Anyone can submit runs, plz check it out

You can post runs, questions, ideas, strategies, etc.

hahhah42 beat the WR - he got a 1:49 on recording

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How do you add your speedrun to the leaderboard without a video?

Drag the image you post into a new tab, then copy the link. If you want your run on the official leaderboard, it has to be verified by me or Icoso before it shows up. :)

Thanks my run is on now :)

I got a 2:29 but forgot to take a screenshot. There may be a more official leaderboard coming soon...

I'll keep updating



2nd Place Let's GO!!

Do you have a account? If not, you could make one for free and submit your speedrun to this new leaderboard: Minima -

u are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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After trying for three flippin' days, I finally got a sub 3 minute. YESSSSSSSS


Woooo! Haha! :D

Someone who knows TAS, please do it for this i really wonder what the max time is

1:43 is the supposed time if everything is frame perfect

Proof of my sub 2 minute run. Not good enough to be on the leaderboard but very close.
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