In Blind Spot, you use your cursor to unravel secrets from the alternate dimension beneath! There lies enemies and obstacles which cannot be seen otherwise, so you must scout out a route to pass through!

This game was made for the Dani's Basement Jam #3!




This project uses the Shapes2D Package!

Thanks so much for playing! :D

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Colorful, Exploration, Immersive, Magic, Minimalist, Story Rich, Top-Down, Unity


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Great game, Icoso, it's sad that there is no speedrun clock though.

Thanks so much, Bbomb! Haha, I guess you're right xD


Wow, amazing game as always icoso! :D

Thanks so much, Raindeir! :D


WHY are you entering every jam that I join. It’s a bit scary ^^ haha. Fun aside I love every game you make and this is so cool like the others. The concept is similar to The Dreadfull Whispers (by BTP) but it’s original anyway good job! Could you play and rate my game too, maybe?

Aah, sorry, haha. Thank you very much for the nice comment, and yep, I'll be sure to check out your entry! Sorry I couldn't during the jam :/


I love it! only problem: in a game that focuses on the cursor a bunch, the cursor should either be hidden or have a skin

Thank you very much! And ah, sorry about that, my code must've been a bit buggy. The cursor should have been hidden, but thank you for picking that up! :D

i figured it out. when i used alt tab


I love the idea and concept for the game but am failing to find how it connects to Linked Together

Thank you very much! In a sense, those two dimensions are 'Linked Together'


Nice! I'm making a game with the same mechanic right now. This is pretty fun!

Thanks so much, and awesome to hear it! :D

I knew that you did it, icoso


game does not work.

i cant see objects when my cursor is over them.

cool game tho


Ah, sorry! :/

checked webconsole, lots of missing/non-functional shader reports.

wait for me.

are you hacking my device

im sorry what how did you get my device

No, I meant I'm having the same issue.

oh ok, i was atchullaly really worried for a second

(1 edit) (+1)

im starting to think this is a game jam addiction... (really nice game tho)

Mmmmaybe xD Thank you, Luak! :D


WOW your pumping games out left and right! Cool Game btw.

Haha, I'm doing my best! Thank you very much! :D