In Mush Work Together, you play as a multitude of different mushroom characters to overcome obstacles in the grove! Jump and run through 16 different levels with the assistance of other characters to reach the portal!

This game was made for the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1 across a week! I had tons of fun coding, composing, and creating! Thanks heaps for playing! :D <3




Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Colorful, Cute, jumping, nature, Pixel Art, Retro

Development log


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i need more level please

this game was made a year ago?? did you ever update it or add more levels? (cause i would like to be able to play this more then i already can) great game though!

great game!!

Downloadable Version Pls

I Know I Am Disturbing But Pls Add A Download Able Version Pls :(


Bro Update This Game Add More Levels And Download Link And Congrats For 48 Position 

Thank you very much! I might update it in the future, but I'm not sure! :D

Bro Dont Update  But Pls Give A Download Able Version Pls

please do! but update it with more levels (please) i want to play more of this game


Awesome simplistic game. like the mouse and i love how relaxing it is! You made that simple idea into a nice puzzle game, i liked playing it!

Thank you very much! I really appreciate the positive feedback - thanks heaps! :D


Cool game would be better if when a player reaches the end of the level it automatically switches to the other one instead of pressing E. Liked the music a lot!

Thank you very much! I've been getting a bit of that feedback, so yep, thank you for picking up on it also! Thank you very much for the nice comment! :D

No problem i enjoyed your youtube vid on the game too!


Mush Work Together (Full Game)


Oh wow, this is so cool! Thanku! :D


I like it! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Thank you so so much! :D


cute but short add more :D

Thank you! Maybe I will in the future! :D


The game is cool and all but, it isn't much of a puzzle game like you said in your devlog, it's more of a glorified multiplayer walking simulator. Other that the art music and coding for this is very well done.

Thank you! Yeah, I guess you're right! Thank you for playing! :D


Yeah I just kinda wish the puzzles had more meat, like you never used the fact that dying wasn't a game over, but then again, it's a game jam and it's kinda expected.

Yep, can definitely understand! Thanks for the input! :D


Hey Icoso! (: Been liking this! Would have been sweet to have more different mechanics to explore. I felt like most the levels where about the same in term of gameplay. There was not a lot of new things in each level. It was really cute ! and fun at that. Maybe you could have messed around with what could you do with stacked shrooms a bit more (: Im sure you could do a lot of silly fun stuff with this!

Thank you so much for writing this nice comment! Some new and emerging game mechanics definitely would have added a lot to the game, so thank you very much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it and thank you for all of these awesome ideas! :D


Absolutely amazing game! I loved the art, the music, and especially all the details and polish, such as the UI animations, the torch light, and the vines on the walls!

Thanks so much, Game Genesis! I'm so glad you picked up on all of those small details - thanks a bunch! :D


Very funny relaxing game. Great care about details (UI, Credits). Greetings!

Haha, thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :D


very fun!!

Thanks so much! :D

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you very much! Really appreciate it, Rekiron! :D <3


this is so good, another great job icoso! 5/5


Thank you very much for the nice comments as always, Chaos315! :D


Very good game! I enjoyed the unique concept with the color changing. Great job with everything! 

Thank you so much, CosmosPanda! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :D


I very much like the charm of this game. All of the gameplay is solid. Good job!

Thanks very much, and I really appreciate the kind words! :D


I agree with the other commenter! You did an amazing job! I loved the graphics and sounds and also the gameplay is really chill, making it a very enjoyable experience!


Thank you so much, Whateep! It's such an honour for you to be commenting on one of my projects! :D


Concept is great, sound, art, everything is good. As far as i understand you've made all the assets yourself? If that's the case, that's amazing!

Thank you so much for the nice feedback! Yep - all of this completely by myself and from scratch! Thanks so much! :D