-EPILEPSY/SEIZURE WARNING- This game contains lighting and visual effects that may cause others harm or distress.

Hey! This is a game jam submission to the LOWREZJAM 2020!

Shoot enemies in this small 64x64 game with bullets, bombs, and dashing attacks! 8 various maps await you to try and reach the highest score possible! Endless amounts of these vicious square foes will spawn and come after you, so make sure to watch your back!

As always, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! I already have pointed out some things I could improve on by myself, but I always love critiques! :D

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL7FCx3MrwKGYFEs91Lz0yg

Twitter - https://twitter.com/icoso_games

Discord - https://discord.gg/36bnCW9

Thanks everyone! :D


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Really cool game! I've got a lot of fun playing it :)

I really like the graphics and the music.

Good job! :D

Thanks so much, Fixel! :D


Looks really colorful and pretty! Overall solid fun game! I love the bomb effect! :)

Some minor critic I have is:

- It is not clear what is the point of the game; I was thinking I had to reach somewhere to complete a map while the square foes keep spawning to kill me

- All the bars could be smaller; they take up too much screen for my taste (perhaps no borders?)

- Where's the score bar?

- Not sure If I like the screen shake thing when you try to move;

- Also, you might want to include a epilepsy/seizure warning on this page..

Thanks for all of your responses, these are super helpful! Thanks for the warning also, will be sure to add that now. Thanks! :D