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Really cool game! I've got a lot of fun playing it :)

I really like the graphics and the music.

Good job! :D

Thanks so much, Fixel! :D


Looks really colorful and pretty! Overall solid fun game! I love the bomb effect! :)

Some minor critic I have is:

- It is not clear what is the point of the game; I was thinking I had to reach somewhere to complete a map while the square foes keep spawning to kill me

- All the bars could be smaller; they take up too much screen for my taste (perhaps no borders?)

- Where's the score bar?

- Not sure If I like the screen shake thing when you try to move;

- Also, you might want to include a epilepsy/seizure warning on this page..

Thanks for all of your responses, these are super helpful! Thanks for the warning also, will be sure to add that now. Thanks! :D