Fly around dodging explosive items and deathly enemies in StarByte, an initially infinite runner game which got expanded throughout the 7 days of the 2nd 8x8 Game Jam hosted by SuperGamersGames.

This game was made in 7 days and has two game modes: An endless, infinite runner where you have to rack up a highscore, and a level system where you can play through pre-made levels! Can you beat them all?

The game comes with an About Page, fitting music, and a bunch of other cool effects! I really hope you enjoy it, thanks for playing! Sorry for the source code and sprites not available, but regarding the message on Discord, that's ok! :P

I'm only starting out as an indie game dev and would love any support I can get. Any feedback and comments on the game or other future projects would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

If you could, checking me out on these platforms would be an amazing deal for me! Thank you so much! :D

Thanks everyone so much! Have fun playing StarByte!


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StarByteWindows 32 MB

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Amazing dude!


This is the glorious mess ive ever seen, great game

Haha xD


Nice game!

Cheers! :D

its pretty laggy on 6gb ram


I would run this glorious mess anyday

Hahaha thanku xD



Haha thanku! I'm surprised people are still playing this! :

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Nice game! I loved the graphical style and the game itself. I had a doozy of a time finishing the last level on the hardest difficulty, but the gameplay mechanics were so solid I never wanted to throw in the towel. I made a video for my channel if you wanna check it out!

Wow! Thanks so much! :D I'm really glad you liked the game and also played it on your channel, thanks a bunch! :D


good game

Thank you! :)

Cool game, It's a really well polished game for just 1 week. Good job on that!

Thank you! :D

settings doesnt work 

Uhmmm, the settings menu doesn’t seem to work.

It's a fun game, impressive that you made it in only a week

Thanks so much ziggy!

good game! i love the graphical style and it's very simple, which i think works in its benefit!! 

thanks so much! :D

no problem!! maybe we could collaborate in the future...i do make music after all :D


nice! sounds good