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Amazing dude!


This is the glorious mess ive ever seen, great game

Haha xD


Nice game!

Cheers! :D

its pretty laggy on 6gb ram


I would run this glorious mess anyday

Hahaha thanku xD



Haha thanku! I'm surprised people are still playing this! :

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Nice game! I loved the graphical style and the game itself. I had a doozy of a time finishing the last level on the hardest difficulty, but the gameplay mechanics were so solid I never wanted to throw in the towel. I made a video for my channel if you wanna check it out!

Wow! Thanks so much! :D I'm really glad you liked the game and also played it on your channel, thanks a bunch! :D


good game

Thank you! :)

Cool game, It's a really well polished game for just 1 week. Good job on that!

Thank you! :D

settings doesnt work 

Uhmmm, the settings menu doesn’t seem to work.

It's a fun game, impressive that you made it in only a week

Thanks so much ziggy!

good game! i love the graphical style and it's very simple, which i think works in its benefit!! 

thanks so much! :D

no problem!! maybe we could collaborate in the future...i do make music after all :D


nice! sounds good