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Does the game run on Mac? 



Very Nice Game!Had Fun Playing It Bro!

Thank you heaps! Love to hear it! :D <3


I did a speedrun of this game since I thought it was pretty cute

Cute game.

Great game! One piece of ideas though, for the player movement, it would feel a little better if you made it so when they turn left to right, it slows the player down then speeds them back up going that direction. Other than that little idea to make it smoother, It's an amazing game! 

This was my first game jam btw and our group made a game we are proud of!

Deepurr and Deepurr | | Ludum Dare game jam

I see u on youtube

Really nice! The music was super catchy! :D Great work!

This is awesome! Loved the art and the music and you made a lot of levels!! Congratulations!

I wish you included a speedrun timer


nice game to play. chilled and enjoyable

Thank you so much - I'm glad to hear it! :D


Very nice! Really cute graphics, nice sound track and lots of fun to play!

Thanks heaps! I really appreciate the nice comment! :D

For some reason i cant play it in webgl

Ah - I'm sorry to hear that, I'm not sure why. Could you try the downloadable version

Dont worry i just hadnt updated my computer is cool now :D


Ah, the newest trend, BEANS



The game was super fun to play! 

Thanks so much! :D


Amazing Game. I am gifting this game to my cousin

Thanks a bunch! :D :D


all the beans!!!! This game was a lot of fun Icoso. Great submission

The beeeans, haha thanku! :D