This is The IDEA: A wacky, fun small project I set up! Thanks to everyone who put words into the system for it to become what it has!

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TagsGenerator, User Interface (UI)


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A game about an adorable alien

featuring an adorable alien

set in a bizarre airship

At its core, this game is a mess

and the player is atrociously adorable

Primary Genre: Action

Secondary Genre: Action

This is the best game idea i've ever seen.

the exact same things in the exact same spots appeared to me :O

I think thats the default selection 



A game about a delicous uno reverse card

feturing a cool scarcrow

at its core this game is not family friendly

and the player is suprisingly dizzy

primary genre:mmo rpg

secondary genre: boss rush


A game about a stupid book

Featuring a stupid carrot

in an empty house.

At its core, the game is full of tension

while the player is devastatingly adventurous.

Primary Genre: Adventure
Secondary Genre: Romance???????????


a game about a colorful lego brick

feturing a hight tech bomb

set in a calm matress store

at its core this game is A MESS

and the player is knowingly clumbsy

genre: puzzle

i got deja vu while writing this and i dont know why

Musta been doing something of that sort when you played with lego once


Primary: shooter

Secondary: romantic



Thx now i get gane idea

Nice! I never knew spherical crabs would be so cool :D


is such a creative name ;)



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Oh nice. By the way could you give me a little of that nice data you used there :3  ??
(Or at least tell me how you managed to import all of these words, while still checking for typos and things.)