Verto is a game about having to collect all of the coins in a level, but there's a catch! At random intervals, your direction will swap! Try to gain the best score by getting all the coins in the least amount of time, but be careful to not get caught in a massive confusion-loop, haha!

Here are some of my social media if you'd like to check them out! I always appreciate any and all feedback, so thank you so much! :D

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TagsAbstract, Black and White, Difficult, Fast-Paced, High Score, Top-Down


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really fun game but very challenging if you were to make any updates i would love to have a downloadable version! also if you updated the game i would think it would be a good idea to make the levels unlockable (also i love your youtube!)

Thanks for all of the feedback, this is really inspiring! I'll definitely look into those things for a bigger release, thank you so much!

Also thanks for watching the YouTube videos, haha! :D

fun game 5/5 and it was a cool simplistic look! I will say that i think the switching could have more of a meaning and be used as a tool maybe just a thought 


This is a very neat game and I love how the time system works. The only thing is that the switching feels random, but still a good feature. Good job!

Thank you for your nice comments! I'll be sure to clean that up if I decide to update it! :D

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i like it but i have a few issues,

lots of the time i feel confused, i the timing between the switches feels a random, so there isnt really stratagy, i would say that a lot of the time i was stuck, but im probobly jut bad.

now for compliments.

the game is simple, and easy enough to understand, sometimes ill end up playing the game more just to shave off a few seconds from my best time.  very fun!

although its getting easier which i like, my best time is 21.1 seconds on level 1, and my worst time is 66.2 seconds on level 4



Thank you for the feedback, and I'll look into the things that made the game feel a bit off! Thank you! :D

Hey Icoso!
I've played a few levels and I have to say this is a really fun game! It's simple, but the main mechanic is very nice (And also frustrating sometimes, especially when you want to collect a coin and the controls change a few times in a row xD)
The graphics are neat and the music is nice to listen.
I haven't find any bugs, besides that the buttons in the main menu don't work, but probably websites block requests to connect.
As I said it's a really cool game!

Hey Fixel!

Thank you so much for the nice replies! I'm glad you've enjoyed the game, even though it's a bit mean, haha!

Oh, I'm not sure why the buttons didn't work, but I'll look into it! Thank you for finding it out and telling me!

Thank you so much, Fixel! Always appreciated! :D


No problem! :)